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Adding Windows to Your Room– Adding additional windows to transform a room in your home.

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

 Have you ever wanted to add more light into a room in your house but were nervous about taking the plunge? I completely understand! I always hated how dark our kitchen was. It only had one small window over the sink and felt like a cave. I had considered adding a window for awhile but was nervous about cutting a hole in my kitchen wall! Would I love it? Would it fix my problem? Would it be safe? Well the answer was a resounding YES YES YES!!!!!

         We recently had another customer with the same problem. The homeowners were looking to add natural light to their very dark dining room. As you can see you can only do so much with modern lighting fixtures to brighten up the room and make it feel welcoming. Well they decided on adding two of our double hung Alside windows (which come with a full warranty!) 


                                     Well I am OVER THE MOON with how this turned out and so is the customer!


         These 2 windows have completely transformed this room! Their dinning room went from dark cave to BRIGHT welcoming place where people would want to sit and stay awhile! 

Would you ever consider adding windows to a room in your home? Why or Why not?

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